Vol. 12 No. 1 (2015): Young Views on Urban Design

Urban sections

Nurgül Yardım
PhD Student, Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey
Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu
Faculty of Architecture and Design, Özyeğin University, İstanbul, Turkey

Published 2015-03-01


  • Transportation infrastructure,
  • Urban section,
  • Urban ground,
  • Sectional typologies,
  • Architectural diagrams

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Yardım, N., & Hacıhasanoğlu, O. (2015). Urban sections. A|Z ITU JOURNAL OF THE FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE, 12(1), 37 - 51. Retrieved from https://www.az.itu.edu.tr/index.php/jfa/article/view/435


Today, the perception of layered transportation infrastructure has to be merged with the architecture and urban design. Especially the underground transportation modes affect the grounds of the city. This study focuses on investigating the relations of grounds and the transportation infrastructure. Exploring the inter- action level of urban spaces with the transportation systems in terms of their expansions below and above the ground is the problem itself. Moreover finding a relation between urban spaces, transportation hubs and their typologies and how these typologies shaping urban grounds in the transportation context. After that, İstanbul is the case area of analyzing the urban land with respect to ground and underground relations and typologies that have examined. The selected zones of İstanbul for showing the relation between ground and transportation have the major quality of being in the networks of city transportation system and these are supported by the map called ‘typology mapping’.