About the Journal

A|Z ITU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture is an OPEN ACCESS Journal. You can read, download and print full text of articles. The journal is also published with ISSN number (ISSN 2564-7474).

A|Z is a refereed journal and is published as three issues in a year in English. A|Z is open to the articles and book reviews about design, planning, research, education, technology, history and art.

AIM: A|Z aims to contribute to scientific research, practice and education.

AUDIENCE: Academicians, researchers, educators, designers and planners will respect to be the audience and the contributors of the journal.

CONTENT: A|Z publishes original articles and book reviews. All the articles submitted to the journal should be accepted by referees before publication. Book reviews cover book critics in related subjects.  The journal also publishes special issues. These may be themed around current or expected topics with international significance. 

PAPER SUBMISSION: The articles and book reviews should be submitted to the editor. The editorial board will evaluate the articles and book reviews on their suitability for the journal. Suitable papers will be evaluated by related referees. Articles could be included in the publishing plan only when they are accepted by referees.