VOL: 7  NO: 2 4-13  2010-2


The embodiment of cultural landscape… A tour of the no-monuments



Polytechnic University Madrid, Cultural Landscape Research Group, Madrid, SPAIN

Received: October 2010 Final Acceptance: November 2010



The embodiment of cultural landscape…a tour of the no-monuments is an essay made of three Conceptual Actions and an Epilogue, where we operate into a critical position in between art and architecture, describing another understanding of the (beauty of a) cultural landscape.

The Conference ECLAS`2010 let us to build a conversation framework with other international strategies about the different ways of continuing building our inner and external landscapes.

To promote a kind of (Beautyscape) Laboratory, a place to educate the aesthetic and ethic sensibility, previous to do any social act into our landcities, let say politic act, architectural act, and economic act. An alternative Space-biologic Laboratory (SBLab.)
We operate from the Cultural Landscape Research Group, at Madrid Polytechnic University, trough the studio Hybrid Actions in between Art and Architecture on the degree course and Construction of the Landscape on the postgraduate course, at the Madrid Architecture School, as encounter places, where to redraw the borderline between disciplines and the reality.


Keywords: Beautyscape Laboratory, Artscape, Landcity, Smithson, Oteiza, Inner and external landscape, Space-biologic Laboratory.


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