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volume 7 / no 2 - fall 2010



Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu, "Editorial"


Dossier "Cultural Landscapes"

Y. Çağatay Seçkin, "Dossier Editorial - Cultural Landscapes”

Concha Lapayese, Darío Gazapo, "The embodiment of cultural landscape… A tour of the no-monuments"

Francesca Mazzino, Patrizia Burlando, "Cultural landscapes: Negotiation between global and local"

Damian Perez Beverinotti, Erich Buhmann, Matthias Pietsch, "Potential landscape architectural contributions toward a more sustainable water management on the island of Gozo, Malta"

Peter Hermens, Jaap van der Salm, Chris van der Zwet, "A working landscape for New Orleans"

Kati Susi-Wolff, "Understanding changing city culture; PSR-method as a discourse analysis tool for historic urban green heritage"

Gülşen Güler, Robert Holden, "Olympics legacy: the London Olympics 2012"

Fatma Ayçim Türer Başkaya, "Sustainable brownfield regeneration in  Istanbul"

Heike Kaiser, "Balfour community forest: Linking forest use and management through public participation in Israel"

Bahar Başer, Hayriye Eşbah Tunçay, "Understanding the spatial and historical characteristics of agricultural landscapes in Istanbul"

Katarína Kristiánová, Jana Adamková, "Slovak agricultural landscape – Transition responses"



Ömür Barkul, Ayla Ayyıldız Potur, "Perspectives on gender in design education: A four years comparative study"

Ahmet Zeki Turan, "A reflection on “the disclosing whole” as the primary subject matter of design research"

Senem Deviren, "Tackling eco-urbanity; Housing and place making at the urban edge"