VOL: 5  NO: 1, 97-117, 2008-1


The evaluation of urban quality and vitality of the Istanbul historical peninsula- Eminönü district



Gülden Demet ORUÇ, Cengiz GİRİTLİOĞLU

Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture Istanbul TURKEY



Received: October 2007                            Final Acceptance: July2008




Historical urban centres are negatively affected and have lost their attractiveness and charm due to the changes of life styles and preferences within time. Recently, the importance of the central areas of urban settlements has been recognised, and the search for the components of a healthy city centre in order to recover such areas as vital parts of the city has become a priority. In this context, the concepts of vitality and viability have become the focus of the subject in relation with revitalisation.

A two-staged research was conducted to determine the degree of urban vitality in the Eminönü district of Istanbul, which represents most of the transformations and problems. In order to examine the changes in urban vitality over time, the data gathered in 1985-1988 and 2002-2004 were evaluated by creating a specific benchmark index. By taking the general characteristics of Eminönü into consideration, the number of dwellings, population, business areas and the m² unit prices of the land were used as urban vitality performance indicators. For a more sound explanation of the urban vitality change in selected neighbourhoods of Eminönü a public survey has been executed and evaluated by factor analysis.

According to the urban vitality assessment of Eminönü District, it has been seen that there is a value increase in Cankurtaran, Küçükayasofya, Mimar Hayrettin, Muhsine Hatun and Nişanca and a negative change on the other quarters. Depending on the findings of urban vitality assessment and survey results, necessary strategic approaches developed in addition to a model in relation with city centers revitalization process.


Keywords: Urban vitality, viability, revitalisation, historical urban centres, Eminönü.


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