VOL: 5  NO: 1, 74-96 , 2008-1


Comparison between Turkish & Scandinavian housing and key strategies for eco-tech design




Gazi University Faculty of Engineering Architecture Ankara TURKEY



Received: August 2007                        Final Acceptance: June 2008




This study aims to query the current trendy luxurious housing sites in Turkey from the point of ecologically sustainable principles and make comparative analysis between Turkish and Scandinavian ecological-technological (eco-tech) solutions in this manner. For this, the study investigated how eco-tech principles contribute to the urban design, for instance, features of sustainable community development such as sustainable transport, compact settlements, alternative energy, ecological protection, eco-technologies, local economy and 3 ‘R’ s policy etc. Afterwards, four projects from İstanbul and Ankara are evaluated according to the eco-tech principles and Scandinavian solutions are served as good examples, four different best practices from Finland and Sweden. As a result of site survey, spatial studies and interpretations, a comparison is made between case studies in this context. Considering that urban design is part of the planning process, the ecological sustainability principles should be considered together, key strategies and specific recommendations are put as techniques, in a dynamic interrelationship. These key strategies are developed under 4 headings: human ecology in a community and neighborhood scale, energy, land-resource and water conservation. Each strategy is defined separately seeking to embed design, policy making and implementation at sustainable housing development process.



Keywords: Urban sustainability, housing environment, Scandinavian ecological housing, Turkish new housing trends, eco-tech urban


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