VOL: 5  NO: 1, 1-11 2008-1


Examination of safe boundary distances; Dwelling cases from Istanbul




Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture Istanbul TURKEY



Received: July 2007                             Final Acceptance: March 2008




Although many ways of spreading fire between existing buildings, radiation is one of the effective ways of it. In this study, safe boundary distances for preventing ignition by fire radiation between the buildings facing each other are examined as regards appropriateness of the distances by using some calculation methods still valid on this area. For the application of these methods two old and one modern building are chosen as cases. The importance of the boundary distance arises especially in the old and historical city parts because of the narrow streets, close distances between buildings and the use ignitable materials on facade and construction of such buildings. The modern building sample is chosen from Atasehir reflecting the contemporary and civil face of the city. Some calculations to obtain safe boundary distances are made on the case buildings chosen and the results of the applications in tabulated form are compared with each other. As a result the existent separation distances are not sufficient for fire protection against radiation for the old buildings whereas the modern building satisfies. Especially for the protection of the historical properties made of ignitable materials and placed each other very closely some fire protection measurements must been taken against fire radiation and the other ways of fire spread.


Keywords: Building fires, fire radiation, safe boundary distance


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