VOL: 4 NO: 2, 81-100 2007-2


Creativity, creative cities, created architecture





Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Architecture Istanbul TURKEY



Received: July 2007                            Final Acceptance: July 2008




The century we are living in is the century of knowledge, technology and communication. Goods and services as well as information are highly accessible in this special time zone. High accessibility offers infinite choices to people and so in this plethora of information and choices creativity is the key word for competency. Creativity is an important input in every aspect of our lives; from ways of thinking to marketing products and from urbanization policies to challenging construction designs. Creative urban concept has been suggested especially in the last two decades in order to achieve sustainability of the cities and so to generate creative policies in cities has gained importance on the global level. Creative urban policy processes fed with ideas such as brand city, and thematic city has brought about positive results. On the other hand, the new global city images produced by multi-national companies are the symbols of the economic power. Since architecture is the focal point of all of these transformation and renovation processes, architecture is expected to make an absolute, creative contribution to the city. In this article, creative urban policies and the architectural interaction in global cities and the new architectural terminology and forms that these interactions have led from the creativity concept point of view will be discussed.

Keywords: Creative urban policies, sustainable city, globalization, global city, architectural image, architectural language, digital architecture


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