VOL: 3,  NO: 1/2,  37-52,  2006-1/2


Transformations created by ICKT on the architectural design and its education




Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul, Turkey



Received: April 2007              Final Acceptance: June 2007



Information, communication and knowledge technologies (ICKT), creates serious economic, social and cultural transformations in the contexts of human, human life and space. Architectural design and its education is one of the fields seriously influenced by the ICKT. In the case of architectural design and its education, the influences of ICKT are not only in relation to the technological side of it but the subject is far more complex as it has a social, cultural and economical aspects. Architectural design and production processes, its tools, concepts, theories, methods and forms are highly affected by ICKT and the transformations have begun. Digital technologies are challenging theories and practices of traditional architectural design both from educational and practical perspectives. Standing at the threshold; one should consider the technologies beyond themselves with all the transformations that they cause. This process of questioning ICKT and architectural design relationship should only be started at the architectural educational platform where experimental, theoretical and practical sides are always present. Questioning the boundaries of the discipline, re-conceptionalizing it and re-defining its role in the future are the subjects to be discussed in educational platforms. Architectural discipline should update itself to protect its own realm of being, its cultural validity and its meaning. Furthermore, a new more creative and complex way of teaching architectural design could be find in this mutual relationship of ICKT and architecture.



Keywords: Architectural Design Education, Digital Architectural Design and Production, Information,  Communication and KnowledgeTechnologies (ICKT).


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