VOL: 2,  NO: 1/2,  130-141,  2005-1/2


Urban open spaces with examples & the classification of urban furniture



Seçil ŞATIR*, Elif KORKMAZ**

*ITU Faculty of Architecture Department of Industrial Design, TURKEY

** ISTON A.Ş. Urban Design Department


Received: June 2005              Final Acceptance: December 2005




The main function of city furniture is to facilitate the lives of city dwellers in urban space, and provide them with the spaces that give them the comfort of their home.  It is important that all urban spaces should be evaluated in participatory and holistic approach. This requirement may already be known by many experts.  In this context the mixing together of the shared values of experts, and from the viewpoint of planning, we especially tried to establish the definitions of urban spaces from a comprehensive to narrower scope, and the definitions, locations, and types of city furniture, which can be either adjacent to or separate from the spaces. By dealing with areas with a larger scope, we wanted to emphasize an integral viewpoint that reflects the part and parcel of urban designs and city furniture studies, as well as the content and the details. Such viewpoint commands the necessity to evaluate the perceptions of both the pedestrians and car drivers even in the rearrangement of two sides of a street. Therefore it is quite important to design and apply urban furniture and all urban fixtures according to scientific data.  This integral viewpoint will bring results that satisfy the dwellers and complete the urban identity.



Keywords: Urban design, urban furniture


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