VOL: 2,  NO: 1/2,  52-61,  2005-1/2


Information and Communication Technologies in Design Studio:  New Tools, Strategies and Techniques at Work



Arzu Erdem, Burak PAK

Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul, TURKEY


Received: August 2005          Final Acceptance: January 2006




The latest technological innovations in ICT led to a paradigm shift from mechanical to digital resulting in a remarkable change in design conception and its application. The architecture of information age is varied, and this variation is a potent source for teaching and research. The evolving free form vocabularies [and the techniques to generate and realize them] contribute to the breakdown between disciplines: the software tools to develop these forms are shared by a variety of disciplines, thus blurring the boundaries between specialized professional practices.  This paper aims to discuss the use of integrated methods and approaches in architectural design process through various approaches and models which are implemented and tested in ITU Faculty of Architecture.



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