VOL:2,  NO: 1/2,  21-51,  2005-1/2


From systematic methods to the metaphorical approach in the design studio




Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul, TURKEY


Received: September 2005    Final Acceptance: January 2006




Defining design as “a form of problem solving” is a definition, which normal science-based approaches as well as design instruction approaches of today’s general design studios depend on. Design studios’ adapting this very definition which is imported from a totally different tradition and which is far apart from reflecting the real characteristics of design plays a negative role on student productivity and motivation. Design’s being identified as an interpretative and hermeneutical event seems much more appropriate for its nature. Based on this definition at design studios, it is expected that productivity and motivation will increase. The importance that metaphors gain in a hermeneutical event makes them one of the basic notions of design studios. Views in this article have been tried to be implemented in the undergraduate design studio of author as a tryout. It will be presented some information and sample studies regarding this experiment in the sixth chapter.



Keywords: Design studio, problem solving, interpretation, hermeneutics, metaphor



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