VOL: 2,  NO: 1/2,  11-20  2005-1/2


Learning to design in the studio: A 2x2 model



Gabriela Goldschmidt

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, ISRAEL


Invited Paper




The design studio continues to be the default core of architectural education. On the assumption that no good alternative is available at present, this paper proposes a model of the design process in the studio as a step towards a theory of design pedagogy. The 2x2 model is sensitive to two types of complementarities: on the one hand the two types of learning that take place in the studio, i.e., conceptual and professional learning, and on the other hand the important impact of inputs that are not task-dependent, i.e., personal input by the (student) designer and instructional input. The effectiveness of the process of designing that is being rehearsed in the studio is contingent on control over the perception-conception continuum which, in turn, hinges on acquired representational expertise.



Keywords: design education, design pedagogy, instruction, learning, representation, studio.



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