VOL: 6  NO: 1  94-108   2009-1


Notions and perceptions of quality of life:

What clues to intervene in the city?



Terasa Costa PINTO

Department of Sociology at ISCTE;IUL (Lisbon University Institute) researcher at CET (Centre of Territorial Studies)


Received: November 2009    Final Acceptance: May 2009



Using empiric data on quality of life in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (LMA), this paper describes notions of quality of life of the inhabitants of the LMA and their forms of perception and assessment of quality of life. These data are analysed with a view to reflection on the complexity of the variables intervening between objective conditions and subjective perceptions of quality of life and contributing to a discussion on forms of intervention towards improving quality in urban settings.


Keywords: Notions of quality of life; subjective perception of quality of life


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