VOL: 11 NO: 1  174-184  2014-1


A statistical data analysis for increasing the kitchen design performance




Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture, Istanbul, TURKEY


Received: January 2014     Final Acceptance: April 2014






The kitchen space is one of the most studied areas for increasing the interior design performance. This is because of; being the most important working area compared to other spaces and expected to show a superior performance in terms of many criteria. The scope and purpose of the study was identified as; to obtain the statistical data describing mathematical correlation between the kitchen layout and total floor area and to present the results belonging to these data in the manner of an analysis table that will help designer to decide correctly at the stage of determination of kitchen layout. Meanwhile at the beginning, a literature survey was conducted for determination of what all kitchen layouts are as the study methodology. Later based on these kitchen layouts, 1.309 kitchen projects were examined and statistical data were obtained belonging to each projects’ total floor area and kitchen layout. At the last stage, data analysis table was created that will help designer to determine the kitchen layout by identifying mathematical correlations between these statistical data. Through this study, designer can see how mathematical correlation is available between kitchen layout and total floor area over the statistical results. This will also enable the realization of a high design performance project that will help to make a more correct decision in determination of kitchen layout.
Keywords: Kitchen design performance, kitchen layout, relationship between floor total area and kitchen layout.

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