VOL: 11 NO: 1  99-116  2014-1


Vulnerability to earthquake in Istanbul: An application of the ENSURE methodology



Funda ATUN, Scira MENONI

Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies Via Bonardi 3, 20133, MI, Milano, ITALY


Received: October 2013     Final Acceptance: January 2014






The paper aims at introducing the reader to vulnerability to earthquake in Istanbul based on the methodology developed within the ENSURE project1 where Istanbul has been chosen as one of the external case study areas by the courtesy of Seda Kundak who collaborated within the POLIMI project team. The result given in this paper was attained in three stages. The first stage includes the primary results attained during the ENSURE project. The second stage started regarding to the request coming from the Italian Civil Protection and Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency in Turkey (AFAD in Turkish abbreviations) for implementing the ENSURE vulnerability assessment methodology in Istanbul. The second stage helped to indicate the missing data, as not all the data are available to allow parameters to be applied. Therefore, in the last stage, the missing data set was collected during the fieldwork in Istanbul in August 2012 and the focus moved into systemic vulnerability and accessibility analysis during emergency phase after occurrence of an earthquake.

The paper starts with the description of the multi-scale vulnerability framework developed within the ENSURE project. It is followed by the brief description of the case study area Istanbul. Then, in the final part, the result achieved in three stages is given within the matrices.
Keywords: Disaster risk management, vulnerability assessment, earthquake, accessibility, ENSURE project, Istanbul.

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