VOL: 8  NO: 2  91-102  2011-2


Modelling land use changes in Karaburun by using CLUE-s



Nurdan ERDOĞAN1, Engin NURLU2, Ümit ERDEM2

1 Ege University Centre for Environmental Studies, İzmir, TURKEY
2 Ege University Agriculture Faculty Landscape Architecture Department/ Ege University Centre for Environmental Studies, İzmir, TURKEY


Received: April 2011         Final Acceptance: August 2011



Land cover of earth has been changing dramatically by human activities. These changes have direct impacts on component of environment like soil, water and atmosphere and are thus directly related to many environmental issues of global importance. For that reason, land use changes are key elements in studying global environmental changes. The detection of the changes, the understanding of the underlying processes as well as modeling of scenarios for future development are precondition for the set up of sustainable land-use planning schemes and integrated environmental management.

In this research, land uses in Karaburun Peninsula were modelled based on CLUE-s modelling approach. The model was calibrated using historical data describing the land use patterns between 1984 and 2010. Land use maps for these dates were derived from LANDSAT TM images. The validation process based on multiple resolution technique shows the ability of the CLUE-s model to predict the land-use changes at the research area. Scenario for future development was defined based on Environmental Plan for Manisa-Kutahya-Izmir Planning Region. Demand of land use classes for 2025 was determined according to this plan. Land use changes were modelled between 2010 and-2025.


Keywords:  CLUE-S, modelling, land use changes, Karaburun peninsula.


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