VOL: 8  NO: 1  10-24   2011-1


Conceptual challenges on urban transformation



N u r a n Z E R E N G L E R SO Y 1 - 2 , E b r u G R L E R 3

1 Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul, TURKEY

2 ITU, Urban and Environmental Planning and Research Centre, Istanbul, TURKEY

3 ITU, Institute of Science and Technology Istanbul, TURKEY

Received: July 2010            Final Acceptance: April 2011



This study discusses the complexity of the concept of urban transformation and urban change in planning history by focusing on the urbanization processes. The purpose of this study is to resolve the changes in theory and practice of urban transformation, and to reconsider diversified approaches in urban transformation by explaining it in an inter-disciplinary manner. Therefore; the objective of this study is threefold: (1) to explain conceptual evolution of urban transformation in planning history with reference to paradigm shifts, (2) to categorize theoretical developments and changes of urban transformation in planning theory, (3) to mark the spatial manifestation of urban transformation in planning practice. In view of that, a typology on the periods related with urban transformation is characterized by evaluating paradigm shifts in planning history by means of historical analysis. In conclusion, similarities and differences regarding theories and practices of urban transformation are debated as well as the possibilities and opportunities in advanced studies on urban transformation are proposed.


Keywords:  Urban transformation, urban planning, urban change, urban conservation.


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