VOL: 7  NO: 1  71-86  2010-1


Designing opaque building façade components for cooling energy conservation



Ş. Filiz AKŞİT

Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul TURKEY 


Received: March 2010          Final Acceptance: June 2010



The objective of this paper is the presentation of an approach towards the design the texture of the opaque façade of buildings with the aim of cooling energy conservation. This study is based on the development and assessment of different alternatives for the opaque façade on the design stage of a building which are compared with respect to their heat gain during the period of the year when cooling may be required to achieve comfort conditions in dependence of their orientation, and includes a way of selecting the alternative with the lowest heat gain. The application was realized in order to show that in particular in regions with high cooling energy expenses the development of different alternatives for opaque façades at the architectural design stage of a building can provide designs with reduced heat gain. The method developed in this study was applied to Istanbul region.

Keywords: Cooling energy conservation, energy consumption, texture of the opaque component


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