VOL: 7  NO: 1  54-70  2010-1


Developing sustainable structural design features




Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul TURKEY  


Received: December  2009  Final Acceptance: May 2010



Living spaces in our day are densely furnished with very different artificial objects. Especially urban life requires that these objects should be various as well as their materials. Interior and outer spaces in cities, interior fixtures of living and working spaces accommodate all items of the material culture and thus spaces are swarmed with objects. Objects of use in living spaces, as products of design, are structures made of one or two materials. These industrially produced designs are products whose features were determined according to many factors such as their function, their place of use, their users, the competitive power of their manufacturing company, the company’s expectations, and to environmental protection and recycling factors.


Also among the factors that affect the design of industrial products are material and structure.  Designating the right material, production type and right structure are important in terms of the sustainability of designs and production management. This paper studies how the type of structure, amount of materials used in the structure, the number, thickness, and weights of parts that form the structure, the number of processes in the production affect the design of product and sustainability of production. For this purpose, designs are categorized under different structure types in the study. Furthermore, in the production method, the study explains a measurement technique with the strain gauge and making use of computer analyses as an auxiliary method in developing the mentioned structure types.


Keywords: Structure design, sustainability, production, design management



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