VOL: 6  NO: 2  73-97  2009-2


Gated communities leading the development on the periphery of Istanbul metropolitan area




*Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Architecture Istanbul TURKEY,** Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul TURKEY 


Received: March 2009          Final Acceptance: December 2009



Increasing interest on gated communities has occurred especially in the literature on the big cities in the world related to the globalization process. Istanbul Metropolitan Area has indicated the impacts of globalization process not only with the changes on capital and business areas, but also with the new housing trends. While the new housing trends which display the features of gated communities, has been directing towards the northern periphery of Istanbul, the developers have an active role on the accelerating of this process. Further, it has significant impacts on the transformation of the metropolitan periphery in terms of land use pattern and land values. In this paper, occurrence of gated communities is examined regarding their typologies, marketing strategies, locational preferences and the impacts of metropolitan periphery. After the evaluation of the impacts of globalization process on the gated communities in Istanbul Metropolitan Area, a case study is conducted in Gokturk settlement in terms of its development process as a hosting environment for gated communities and real estate developers. The findings highlighted the similarities of features of all gated communities, identifying lifestyle and prestige, while the existing projects play an important role on locational decisions of developers and changes on the land use pattern and density of the periphery.


Keywords: Gated communities, urban sprawl, metropolitan periphery, real estate development


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