VOL: 6  NO: 2  20-43  2009-2


Retrofitting project evaluated in regard to architectural usability of buildings




Izmir Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, İzmir TURKEY  


Received: March 2009          Final Acceptance: December 2009



This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of spaces in representative retrofitted buildings in İzmir, Turkey, by developing usability indexes and basic descriptive evaluation criteria. This study first focused on the impact of retrofitting on certain biophysical aspects such as natural light, and thermal properties, together with also other building systems. Sample rooms/spaces were then categorised into four proposed effectiveness states according to the type of modification observed after retrofitting. Three simple usability indexes were used to rank samples with respect to their usability. Construction area added per construction area within room, construction area added per net usable floor area, and construction area added per total floor area based on basic spatial criteria. They were each analysed with regard to their effectiveness. Findings revealed that usability indexes were dependent on effectiveness states, and this objective method might be used in total building performance evaluation for retrofitted buildings. Further investigations were considered necessary for broader generalizations with improved results.


Keywords: Architecture, retrofitting, usability, building performance, effectiveness, evaluation


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