VOL: 5  NO: 2   44-61   2008-2


Material paradoxes and priorities in: “Architectural sustainability*




Çukurova University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Adana, TURKEY


Received: December 2007                   Final Acceptance March 2008



The sustainability is now becoming mainstream discourse of modern architecture and through either scientific and social approaches, many  analytic and theoretical studies meaning of it have been made and are going to be made. There is no doubt that these studies have considerable contributions on the architectural discourse and the intentions but it is also an undeniable fact that the environment we live is generally quite far from healing through any progress in sustainability. Moreover, the unpleasant conditions contradict to almost the whole of intention can be lived in the mean of architecture of our built environment.


The paper indicates the contradictions between the executions and the intention in architectural sustainability through the material approaches and the material role in the integration of discourse and practice in design is defined.  The paradoxes originated from the extreme architectural submitting are respectively discussed due to the technology refers under the title of ‘Design for Material’ and at the other side due to the so-called natural refers under the title of ‘Material for Design’. The sustainability is defined as ‘the architectural adaptation to pulsing life in the existing environment’ and it is advocated that the process of adaptation due to the architectural components as “place, human and time” requires an approach referring as ‘Material Design’. What is meant in this approach inspires the architecture where the material is also the design itself.        


In this respect, it is proposed that although the living conditions alter in time, concerning the material priorities in the detailing design can make the architecture to manage a stable balance and a harmonic integration between the intention of design and the practice of execution. The systematic procedure which is put forward in conclusion is based on the author’s latest studies and the research project with the title of “The Research on Material Priorities in Sustainable Architectural Detailing Localized on The Region”. The systematic procedure is being postulating in the paper under the title of “Material Priorities in “Architectural Sustainability”” has been developed in the extent of research project.


Keywords: Architecture, sustainability, architectural material, paradoxes, detailing design


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