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volume 12 / no 2 - july 2015



Yurdanur Dülgeroğlu Yüksel, "Editorial"


Dossier "Cultural transitions in Ottoman Architecture"

Bilge Ar, V. Gül Cephanecigil, "Dossier Editorial"

Bilge Ar, "Spolia usage in Anatolian rulers: A comparison of ideas
for Byzantines, Anatolian Seljuqs and Ottomans

Mustafa Çağhan Keskin, "Syrian-origin architects around Amasya region in the early 15th century"

Satoshi Kawamoto, "Courtyards and Ottoman mosques in the 15th and 16th centuries: Symbolism, mimesis and demise"

Johan Mårtelius, "The Süleymaniye complex as the centre of the world"

Luca Orlandi, "In search of an ‘Ottoman Landscape’: Sinan’s works in Thrace as expression of tangible heritage"

Edmond Manahasa, İlknur Aktuğ Kolay, "Observations on the existing Ottoman mosques in Albania"

Turgut Saner, Ertunç Denktaş, Gizem Mater, Figen Öztürk, "Brief notes on William James Smith’s architectural references to Greek revival at Taşkışla and Dolmabahçe Seyir Köşkü (Istanbul)"

Aygül Ağır, Afife Batur, V. Gül Cephanecigil, Seda Kula Say,
Mine Topçubaşı Çilingiroğlu, A. Hilal Uğurlu,
"An English architect in the 19th century Istanbul: William James Smith and Taşkışla

M. Kaan Sağ, "The British Post Office in the Ottoman capital: A transition through a turbulent period"

Ceren Göğüş, Zeynep Kuban, "German traces in Ottoman Istanbul: The Kaiser Wilhelm Fountain"

V. Gül Cephanecigil, "Preliminary remarks on the Late Ottoman Churches in Aintab"



Nezih Ayıran, "Designerly way of understanding the role of theory"

Ozan Avcı, "Rethinking architectural perspective through reverse
perspective in Orthodox Christian iconography

Zeynep Tuna Ultav, "An interdisciplinary perspective for reading utopia versus dystopia: “The Ultimate City” by J.G. Ballard"

Elçin Taş, Özge Fırtına, "The use of dispute review boards in construction projects: A comparison of Turkey, UK and US"

Dilek Yıldız, Gülten Manioğlu, "Evaluating sustainability and energy efficiency of a traditional climate responsive housing: The case of Samanbahçe Settlement in Cyprus"





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