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volume 9 / no 1 - spring 2012



Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu, "Editorial"


Dossier "2012 - 100th anniversary of the birth of Kemal Ahmet Arû, architect and urban planner (1912-2005)"

Nuran Zeren Gülersoy, "International arena of all arhitects and urban planners celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of professor, architect, urban planner Kemal Ahmet Arû”

Hande Suher, "Sevgili hocamız sayın Prof. Kemal Ahmet Arû’ya saygılar ve sevgilerle"

Biography of Professor Kemal Ahmet Arû



Meltem Erdem, "Revaluating ecology in contemporary landscape design"

Nazire Papatya Seçkin, "An assessment on traditional timber structures in Süleymaniye and Zeyrek Districts of Historical Peninsula"

Hakan Anay, "(Epistemological) formalism and its influence on architecture: A concise review"

Aytanga Dener, "The right to inhabit the city: Yeni Sahra squatter settlement in Istanbul"

Pelin Dursun, "Dialog on space: Spatial codes and language of space "

S. Banu Garip, Hasan Şener, "Analysing environmental satisfaction in gated housing settlements: A case study in Istanbul"

Ecem Edis, Nil Türkeri, "Durability of external thermal insulation composite systems in Istanbul, Turkey"

Rana Kutlu, Alpin Yener, Banu Manav, Mehmet Şener Küçükdoğu, "Daylight analysis and lighting energy management for schools in hot-temperate climates"

İkbal Çetiner, Aslıhan Tavil, Hakan Yaman, Kevser Coşkun, "High performance window selection model - HiPerWin"