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volume 3 / no 1-2 - spring / fall 2006



Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu, "Editorial"


Dossier "Technological innovations and design"

Leyla Tanaçan, Aslıhan Tavil, Ecem Edis, "Dossier Editorial  - Technological innovations and design”

Eric Dluhosch, "The role of the architect in housing design: Old and new"

Ardeshir Mahdavi, "The technology of sentient buildings"

Ahu Sökmenoğlu, Gülen Çağdaş, "Transformations created by ICKT on the architectural design and its education "

Attila Dikbaş, Işılay Akkoyun, "ETP: European Technology Platforms - A challenge for Turkey’s strategic innovation agenda"



Aytanga Dener, "The products of popular culture in urban space: Do they enrich or spoil?"

Özlem Er, H. Alpay Er, " Design research in the periphery: A review of the foundations and development characteristics of industrial design research in Turkey"