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volume 1 / no 1 - spring 2004



Gülsün Sağlamer, "Foreword"

Mine İnceoğlu, "Foreword"

Hasan Şener, "Foreword"

Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu, "Editorial"

Dossier "Housing policies and practices: Examples of Turkey and France 1950-2000"

Ahsen Özsoy & Handan Dülger Türkoğlu, "Dossier editorial"

Fulin Bölen, "Housing policy and housing systems in Turkey"

Alain Sarfatı, "Housing policies and practices: Example of France  1950-2000"

İhsan Bilgin, "The relationship between politics and design in mass housing production"

Hande Suher, "Exploring the potentials of social housing in terms of urbanization"

Murat Balamir, "Instituting design-notes on the formal organization of design functions as an integral component of housing policy"



Atilla Yücel, "The row house as an unfinished project of modernization of Istanbul at the end of the 19th Century"


Book reviews

"Tourists in historic towns - urban conservation and heritage management", by Nur Akın

"The use and abuse of paper - essays on Alvar Aalto", by Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu