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volume 6 / no 1 - spring 2009



Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu, "Editorial"


Dossier "Quality of urban life"

Handan Dülger Türkoğlu,  Robert W. Marans, "Dossier Editorial - Quality of urban life"

Derya Oktay, Ahmet Rüstemli, Robert W. Marans, "Neighbourhood satisfaction, sense of community, and attachment:  Initial findings from Famagusta  quality of urban life study"  

Perver K. Baran,  William R. Smith, Handan Dülger Türkoğlu Robert W. Marans, Fulin Bölen, "Walking behavior in Istanbul: Individual atributes, neighborhood context and perceived safety"    

Lale Berköz, "Comparing the residential developments in gated and non-gated neighborhoods in Istanbul"

Elif Alkay, "The relationship between environmental quality and  average housing sale prices in the Istanbul Metropolitan Area"  

Hatice Ayataç, Şevkiye Şence Türk, "An assessment of quality of place (QoP) research for Istanbul"                                   

Teresa Costa Pinto, "Notions and perceptions of quality of life what clues to intervene in the city?"

Nuran Zeren Gülersoy, Ahsen Özsoy, Azime Tezer, Reyhan Genli Yiğiter, Zeynep Günay, "Strategic quality planning  in historic urban environment"     

Fatma Erkök, "Waterfronts: Potentials for improving the quality of urban life"